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Kally Sleep Body Pillow Kally Sleep Body Pillow
Kally Sleep Body Pillow 4.5

The Kally Sleep Body Pillow is a full-length orthopaedic body pillow to make sleep a comfortable experience for those with neck and back pain, during pregnancy, recovery from an injury or post-partum and restless sleepers.

This pillow comes in a choice of five colours, Heathered Grey, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, Pure White, Stone Blue and Cream and two sizes, this measures up at 160 x 30 x 35cm. All the pillows come with one pillowcase but an additional case can be added at the point of purchase for £9.99 (usual price £14.99). The pillowcase is made from a soft cotton blend (50% Cotton / 50% Polyester) and the pillow is filled with a soft hollowfibre giving the pillow an overall weight of 1.8kg. The Kally Body Pillow has been ergonomically designed to encourage longer periods of deep sleep by providing support for the back, neck, and spine whilst sleeping in the foetal position. If you suffer with leg, hip, back or neck pain it eases pressure whilst there is something wonderfully comforting about cuddling up with the pillow.

The hypoallergenic and breathable cotton means that even whilst you curl up with your Kally you don’t become over heated, in fact we found that keeping the knees apart meant we felt cooler than usual. The Kally has the perfect balance of filling with just the right firmness to the take the pressure off the joints and provide a weightless feeling without being too bulky in the bed. The pillow and pillowcase can be washed in the machine as needed to keep things fresh and clean. The only issue we came across is when it comes to turning over in the night, due to the length it can be difficult when sharing a bed so it maybe something to consider if you toss and turn a lot. If you have aches and pains the full body pillow helps you get a comfortable night and even if you don’t have aches and pains it is a lovely soothing way to fall asleep. RRP £49.99

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Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with this full-length orthopaedic pillow.
  • Full length orthopaedic body pillow
  • Aligns your head, neck and spine
  • Five colours available
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Relieves pressure on all muscles and joints
  • Machine washable
  • Can be a little awkward to turn over with