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KinderKraft All Road Stroller KinderKraft All Road Stroller
KinderKraft All Road Stroller 3.5

Just as people living in the city areas are being encouraged away from unnecessary SUV vehicles, it is worth taking the same approach with your baby stroller, do you really need an expensive heavy duty travel system or would something lighter and more compact work for your urban lifestyle. The All Road Stroller has been designed for walks in tighter, more-difficult urban and out-of-town conditions, with a stable chassis and four reliable tyres to ensure easy driving for parents. The four-tyre shock absorption system makes walking on bumpier ground and going up and down curbs a bit more comfortable. However, this is not an off roader, the puncture-resistant tyres are quite firm, they are highly durable but best suited for smoother surfaces and regular bumping trips. This stroller is suitable from new-born up until 15kg, it has a seat width of 35cm and 22cm depth whilst the backrest goes up to 52cm high with a width of 34cm. The seat can be set up to lie flat for nap time, as well reclining and sitting up positions, you can also choose between rear and forward facing, the driver’s handlebar can be adjusted in five different high positions for a comfortable and controlled steering. The wheels measure up at 18cm to the front and 24cm to the rear, the front tyres can be locked out straight for trips across more uneven surfaces, they corner tightly making it easy for getting around narrow shopping aisles and footpaths.

The Stop & Ride brake is activated via your foot, it can be popped up again with either the top or the sole of your foot, making it flip flop and open toe shoe friendly. To fold the stroller down there is a one-hand quick folding and unfolding system, the activation button could be more robust as sometimes it takes a couple of goes to get it right. When unfolded it measures at 94L x 106H x 62W cm and when folded it’s 81L x 62W x 28H cm, the integrated auto lock system secures the stroller to prevent its spontaneous unfolding. The 11.6kg weight also makes this stroller easier to pull out from the car boot, multiple times a day. The accessories including with the All Road are the large UFP50+ sun and wind protecting hood, a cup holder, a rain cover, a mosquito net, and a leg warmer. The tilting protective bar can be removed completely or just from one side for easy baby loading whilst the five-point adjustable harness ensures a safe trip for baby.

The hood window lets you keep an eye on baby (and baby on you), there is a ventilation mesh in the hood for extra air circulation on warmer days, the generous basket has a load capacity of up to 5kg. This lightweight stroller is good at what it’s designed for, some might find it a little rattlier than some of the more heavy-duty strollers out there because of the hard tyres and weaker suspension, but it makes light work of flat urban areas. RRP £199

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This stroller is a good choice for those looking at multiple trips around the town and city, but not very bumpy roads.
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Forward and rear facing
  • 3 seating positions
  • Large hood and basket
  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Lots of handy accessories
  • Fold down button could be more robust
  • Suspension system is minimal
  • Quality of accessories could be improved (thicker plastic for example)