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Friends of ours recently had a baby, when they first found out they were expecting they had a few people ask if they had the space for a baby in their small flat, this was answered with a slightly confused “yes, because babies are small right?”

However, now baby is here they understand what people were getting at. Babies require a serious amount of stuff, you will also end up with a serious amount of stuff they do not require from well-meaning family and friends. The UNIMO from Kinderkraft aims to cut down on some of the bulk by combining five products into one. The UNIMO grows with your child, suitable from birth, this product is a crib, cradle, bouncer, rocker and a chair, and can be used up to 18kg. Available in five sweet designs, Blue, Pink, Forest Yellow, Peony Rose and Stone Grey each comes with different characters on the toy bar, the fox on the Forest Yellow being our personal favourite. The UNIMO comes as one piece, the only parts you will need to assemble are the toy bar and the sunshade when you need them, switching between positions can be a bit fiddly, it isn’t complicated but you need to make sure you do things in the right order for it to work. When not in use the chair will pack down into a compact piece with one move which can easily be stored out of the way or popped in the back of the car, weighing just 5.75kg it is certainly portable and is 80 x 57 x 71cm when fully assembled.

The entire upholstery can be removed for washing, because let’s face it, there will be accidents, the deep sunshade can be adjusted to protect baby from both the sun and indoor lighting. There is a three-point safety belt to keep baby in a secure position, the buckles are tucked away out of reach under a padded cover, a mosquito net can be deployed to keep out insects and debris, it stretches over the edges easily but it does leave a small gap around the mechanisms near the base of the sunshade. The mobile toy can be adjusted to put it within grabbing distance of baby and the toys can be removed via the Velcro tabs for play time, the board they are attached too could be a little more durable as we found it can bend out of shape when tugged on by little hands. We found the rocking style was quite subtle with a small range of motion, this might be too delicate for some babies who prefer larger movements. The UNIMO is a great choice for those with limited space, each configuration is carefully thought out and high performing even if switching between some of them can take a little concentration, considering the price tag, we believe it is good value for money. RRP £79.95

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The UNIMO is good value for money, a great choice for compact living areas or those looking to cut down on the baby clutter.
  • 5-in-1, crib, cradle, bouncer, rocker and chair
  • Each configuration has Washable covers
  • Deep detachable sunshade
  • Removable toy bar with detachable toys
  • 5 sweet designs
  • Suitable for Newborns - 18kg
  • Moving between some configurations can be fiddly
  • Small rocking movements might not be vigorous enough for some children