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Kleine Dreumes Kid-Sit Kleine Dreumes Kid-Sit
Kleine Dreumes Kid-Sit 3.5

Toddlers have the unique ability of making you want to tear your hair out one minute to laughing hysterically in the space of a few seconds, they are fickle little creatures and travelling about on foot with them always brings a set of problems.

They have just discovered their feet and want to walk everywhere the downside is their legs are little and they get tired quickly, add a younger sibling taking up the space in the push chair and you have the recipe for a stressful daytrip. Kleine Dreumes was founded by Hanneke Schepers, a Dutch mother of three toddlers (THREE!!), she took the idea of the standing board that attaches to a push chair and realised that tired legs probably want to sit down for a while.

Hanneke designed and created the Twoo, a chair designed specifically to fit with the Bugaboo’s wheeled board, from there she went on to design a universal board seat, called the Kid-Sit. The Kid-Sit is a stroll-along board and seat for children from around 18 months up to 4 years old (40 lbs), with a simple design it is easy to use, the board rests on the back axle and is held on by durable straps. The seat then just clicks into place on the board, giving the child the option for standing up or sitting down. Check before purchasing that the Kid-Sit that it is compatible with your stroller, an adapter for those strollers without a rear axle bar the Quinny Buzz or Stokke for example. The Kid-Sit is rather bulky measuring at 17.7 x 5.9 x 11 inches, this means you have to commit before leaving the house or car as to whether you want it attached or not, saying that it might be possible to store it in the shopping basket of some push chairs.

When in action the Kid-Sit works really well, providing a reasonable smooth ride for the little one, the padded chair is comfortable and the handle gives the extra security, they can pretend they are riding a horse. The only downside is that you may have to adapt your walking style when the seat is attached to avoid bumping your shins, this isn’t too much of an issue on gentle strolls. The Kid-Sit works great for tired little legs we just wished it was slightly more adult friendly with a more compact design for easier portability. RRP £110

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A good place for toddlers to take a rest on longer walks.
  • Child can stand or sit
  • Secure and stable
  • Padded seat
  • Could use padding on the handle
  • Bulky
  • You may have to adapt your walk with the seat attached