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Koo-di Deluxe Foldaway Playpen Koo-di Deluxe Foldaway Playpen
Koo-di Deluxe Foldaway Playpen

Babies are great for the first six months, put them down and they will stay in that same spot, no problem, then comes the day when they begin to roll, scoot, crawl and pull themselves up.

This also comes with a degree of ninja skills which means they can silently move from their playmat into your kitchen cupboards in a matter of seconds. The Koo-di Deluxe Foldaway Playpen is a lightweight and portable playpen that can be unfolded in seconds providing a safe space to put baby down, allowing them to play and you to have five minutes to yourself.

This playpen is suitable from six months up to three years or until they weigh 15kg or are over 89cm in height, whichever is reached first. The base of the playpen is padded and water resistant to safeguard against little accidents and makes it suitable for use both inside and out. The sides of the pen are constructed from a durable mesh, this allows for plenty of ventilation and gives baby a view of the world around them (and lets you easily see them) with no bars for little arms and legs to poke through. One handy addition is the integrated zip door, this is a more back friendly way of placing baby in and out of the pen, the door can be left open to create a little fort where they can come and go.

The Deluxe is so easy to pop out and fold away and comes with its own handy carry bag making it easily portable to take to the park, beach, nanna’s house, wherever. All the folding mechanisms are hidden away under the padded top to prevent bumps or fingers getting caught. It measures up at (H)76 x (W)137 x (D)118 cm when open and packs down to (H)22 x (W)75 x (D)22 cm. It is a bit of a lump weighing in at 6.17kg, this is due to the strong steel tubes which are needed to create the secure frame, when it comes to cleaning it is wipe clean only. The Koo-di Deluxe Foldaway Playpen is a functional and portable space for baby when you need both your hands for a little while, a great way of keeping baby safe and in one spot. RRP £99.99

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A safe, portable playpen that is quick to deploy when needed.
  • Quickly deploys
  • Packs down into compact carry case
  • Water resistant padded base
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrated zip door
  • Mechanisms are hidden away
  • Airy mesh sides for easy visibility