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Lola & Lykke Maternity Support 2-Pack Lola & Lykke Maternity Support 2-Pack
Lola & Lykke Maternity Support 2-Pack 4.5

This two-pack support belt set from Lola & Lykke aims to help mums during pregnancy and postpartum with the Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt and the Core Restore Postpartum Support Band. Both bands come in black, and you can choose both sizes separately, both are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large with a handy size chart on the website to help you get the perfect fit.

As baby grows so does mums bump, ab muscles weaken to make space for baby which can cause pressure on the back muscles, pelvis, spine and bladder, the aim of a support band is to lift and support the bump, distributing the weight more evenly. The Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt is ergonomically designed, with a high-level back, lower front and cut out near the hips to allow for natural movements and prevents the band riding up hip to waist. The extra compression straps with Velcro fastenings lift and supports the bump as it grows, the bamboo viscose is very soft and comfortable against the skin and allows it to breath. There is a handy back pocket which can be used for storing hot or cold packs to help ease back pain and the extra lift makes exercise a more stable, less bouncy experience.

The Core Restore Postpartum Support Band aims to support the pelvis and ligaments within the core that have been softened by the Relaxin hormone with targeted compression. It is made from a latex-free, breathable and hypoallergenic medical grade quality material, it is suitable for both natural and c-section recovery with a recommendation from physiotherapists. There is an adjustable dual compression system which means the band can be tightened on both the hips and waist individually for precise fitting, it is flexible enough to move with the body whilst remaining supportive. The suppleness of this band also means sitting, breastfeeding, walking and even some light exercise is unrestricted. There are a lot of uncomfortable side effects in pregnancy that mums have to put up with, but back pain, sciatica and general discomfort could all be eased with a little support. The pregnancy band feels comfortable on all day, it holds in place well and you can feel that it actively lifts the bump, providing a better posture and sharing the load. The postpartum band delivers a gentle compression that isn’t restrictive, that gives you the perfect amount of support during the jiggly deflation period postpartum. These two bands aren’t the cheapest on the market but the soft, breathable materials, ergonomic fit, adjustable sizes and the handy heat/cool pack pocket make them a great choice when it comes to combining comfort and support. RRP £162

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When your body is growing a brand-new human it deserves a little support and these two comfortable and support bands are a great place to start.
  • Pregnancy Support Belt
  • High-level back
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Super-soft bamboo viscose
  • Extra compression straps for precise fit
  • Back pocket for hot or cold therapy pack
  • Reinforced back support
  • Postpartum Support Band
  • Latex-free, breathable, hypoallergenic
  • Medical Grade Quality
  • Suitable for both natural and c-section recovery
  • Recommended by Physiotherapists
  • Dual compression system
  • Flexible
  • Price may put some off