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MiniMeis G4 3.5

I remember when I first attempted to carry my nephew on my shoulders, we had walked about two minutes before he decided he was exhausted, I’d seen loads of people do it, how hard could it be?

Well, pretty damn hard as it turned out. My Nephew repeatedly tried to lean back which meant I was hanging onto his little legs for dear life, keeping my hands in this position only added to the unstable feeling and it wasn’t long before I passed him onto his mum out of fear of dropping him.

The MiniMeis G4 is an interesting child carrier designed specifically for carrying them on your shoulders, it comes in three colours, Navy/Black, Grey/Orange and Grey/Black suitable from six months up until five years (five years? they can carry me at five) with a max weight of 18kg. The MiniMeis G4 is designed so the child sits in a natural position on your shoulders, with a view of the world, instead of the back of your head like some traditional carriers.

For your comfort the child is placed on a double arch, just hovering above your shoulders preventing pressure and friction on the neck and shoulders and keeping the weight evenly distributed through the carriers’ body, making it easier to walk longer whilst carrying the little one. To keep the child safe and secure there is a waist belt and leg straps, there is an optional harness with shoulder straps to provide extra upper body support for the smallest kids (6-10 months), the new, extendable padded seat adds to the comfort for the child whilst the supportive backrest keeps the child up right and prevents them leaning backwards and throwing you off balance.

The MiniMeis weighs 1.5kg making it the most lightweight framed child carrier on the market, it also folds down in half for compact storage, whilst at the same time feeling strong and robust. The MiniMeis G4 has all the right ideas on paper but in practise it has its flaws, the length of the shoulder harness isn’t adjustable so if it sits in an uncomfortable spot (ladies I’m talking about flattened boobs) there isn’t too much you can do to adjust it, apart from opening the sternum strap but then it doesn’t feel as secure.

During our tests the child was happy, however, it proved more comfortable with male carriers, comfort aside it also takes some practise to get used to putting it on, you can either load the child whilst wearing it which is fine if you don’t have a fidgety little one, or load them in and then put it on, this requires a little strength and mobility. As with so many baby carriers it will work for some and not for others, I found it comfortable to wear but had to get help putting it on, whilst others who tested it found it a breeze to put on but not comfortable to wear for too long. Thankfully MiniMeis are on call for help with tips and tricks to make things more comfortable as well as offering a full refund if it just isn’t for you, we believe it’s worth giving it ago because when it is comfortable it is great. RRP £129.99

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A great idea but could take some time to get the hang of it
  • Child hovers above your shoulders
  • Weight is evenly distributed
  • Back support keeps child upright
  • Leg straps and harness frees up both hands
  • Child can clearly see the world around them
  • Lightest child carrier with a frame
  • Compact
  • Mirror included to check they are strapped in correctly
  • I needed help to get it on
  • Where the harness sits on the chest it can be uncomfortable for women