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moKee Mini Wardrobe and Cover moKee Mini Wardrobe and Cover
moKee Mini Wardrobe and Cover 4.5

Although babies are only little humans, they tend to need about three adult human’s worth of stuff, their clothes are smaller but when you are having to change them three or four times a day (on a good day) their wardrobe can quickly explode with lots of adorable outfits.

It’s not always easy fitting in all the storage space needed into the nursery especially when standard wardrobes leave a lot of space wasted on such little clothes. The Mini Wardrobe from moKee is a simple but functional piece of furniture that can grow as baby grows with the addition of the Wardrobe Cover but more on that in a bit. The wardrobe arrives flat packed and will need to be assembled but this is a simple procedure…promise, once built it has the minimalist, Scandi style we have come to expect from moKee. The wood used is a durable FSC certified beech wood that has been painted using safe water-based paint making it a versatile piece for a range of nursery styles. There is a shelf at the bottom that can be used for storing shoes or storage boxes to organise smaller pieces, socks, bib and hats for example. It comes with three moKee plywood Mini Hangers, extra hangers are sold on their website for £7.99 for three, we think moKee could be a little more generous with how many hangers are included just to get you started, as many of the outfits needed in the first year are not sold with hangers.

The Mini Wardrobe measures up at 125H x 107L X 40W cm making it easy to tuck up in a corner and its lightweight design means it can be effortlessly moved if needed, it is stable, more so with heavier pieces on the storage rack but a cheeky toddler could tip it over if they really tried, an optional wall attachment might be handy for some but isn’t necessarily essential. As little one grows the addition of the moKee Mini Wardrobe Cover can be used to enhance their independence and self-clothing skills whilst hiding away the disorganisation inside. The cover is made from a wool felt with a choice of four designs for the curtains that attach at the front via Velcro, no fiddly zips for little fingers to struggle with or door or hinges to shut them in. These curtains are also fully removable and machine washable for when breakfast-stained hands get hold of them whilst the felt part can be wiped down with a damp cloth and left to dry. The last thing worth mentioning is the little play window that can be opened up in the back, turning the wardrobe into a theatre, shop, restaurant counter or whatever the imagination can conjure up. RRP £168 (£79 without cover)

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This stylish, free-standing wardrobe lets you display and organise those adorable clothes without taking up too much space in your home.
  • Compact
  • Good size for toddlers
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Minimalist Scandi design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile
  • Machine washable, child friendly curtains
  • Only 3 hangers included