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When I heard the word moses basket when I fell pregnant, I thought “oh my god” ?? what century are we in, the 1800s? But the fool that I am, I soon found out that they are one of the baby must haves, a product so good it has stood the test of time. This doesn’t mean it needs to be all frills and lace, the moKee WoolNest is one of the trendier baskets out there, they even claim it to be “the coolest, hippest, comfiest little nest”.

It is made from a blend of wool, felt and polyester which makes it both flexible and sturdy, the base of the Moses basket being made from birch plywood and a beechwood stand, giving it a pretty low carbon footprint thanks to the sustainable materials. The main basket is grey and then you have a choice of four flashes of colourful detail, Summer Dash Yellow, Azure Drop Blue, Neon Pumpkin Orange, and Pink Mallow. There are six liners available (from £16) and nine mattress covers including a waterproof one (from £12).

This nest is suitable for babies up to 6 months old or until they can sit unaided, roll over or push up on hands and knees and can hold up to 9kg (19lbs). I loved that whole thing comes flat-packed and needs minimal assembly, I know you are thinking, who wants to assemble anything? But being flat-packed also means that it can be folded away. Brilliant for popping in the car without taking up too much room and whipping round to grandparents or the in-laws, lets make sure there is no excuse for them not to watch baby for a while.

The reflex foam mattress provides a comfortable sleeping spot, the version we received came with the optional Aloe Vera infused quilted cover, this is removable and machine washable and aims to aid in reflex soothing and cooling whilst remaining a breathable mattress (fully safety regulated for newborns).
So, is it worth the price, well for your money you are getting a light, compact, portable, modern and comfortable space for your bundle of joy to sleep and that for many would be priceless. RRP £141

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A beautiful and modern Moses basket made from natural materials.
  • Minimalist design
  • Modern colours
  • Natural materials
  • Compact
  • Highly portable
  • Comfortable and breathable mattress