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Morrck Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket – All Season Morrck Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket – All Season
Morrck Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket – All Season 4

It is easy to assume that when you have a baby it takes so much longer to get anywhere because of all the feeding, pooping and sleeping, this is only half the story. It is also important to keep newborns warm, when it comes to car seats there shouldn’t be too much padding between their body and the safety straps, this results in constant adding and removing of layers with tiny buttons and awkward poppers.

The Morrck Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket is an all-season travel blanket, this sits in the car seat, behind the baby allowing you to place them in the seat in their indoor clothes and wrap them up safe and snug. With 24 designs to choose from there is a style for all tastes, there are three sizes to choose from 0-6mths, 5-18mths and 18mths-3yrs and it is suitable for year-round use.

The blanket is made from one layer of super soft anti-pilling fleece and one layer of 100% cotton jersey, making it gentle to the touch, warm, breathable and thankfully easy to wash. Compatible with both three and five point harnesses there is no need to remove it between uses, simply wrap little one up like a burrito. The little hood has a peak on it to ensure the blanket doesn’t slip over baby’s face, although the blanket is classed as clothing and does not require regulated testing, Morrck went ahead and did it anyway to ensure it meets UN Regulations for car seat safety, 44.04 (current regulation) and UN Regulation 129.00 (often referred to as i-size).

Not only does the blanket keep baby warm it protects the car seat from the inevitable mess they come with, it can also be used in a pram, pushchairs and stroller instead of a foot muff or cosy toes, as well as shopping trollies, bouncers and chair swings. This blanket is a simple product but it will give the care givers one less thing to worry about, it also allows them to leave sleeping babies undisturbed when travelling which is worth its weight in gold. RRP £40.95 – £44.95

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Keep baby safe, snug and most importantly undisturbed whilst travelling.
  • Compatible with 3 and 5 point harnesses
  • Peaked hood
  • Stops blanket from falling on the floor
  • Super soft
  • Easy to wash
  • Protects the seat underneath
  • All seasons use
  • 24 designs
  • Older and wriggly babies can unwrap themselves