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OE Carrier 2 4.5

Hongming Zhu, a stay-home dad living in California loved to take his two daughters on hikes to explore the natural world, however like many outings with small people he found himself carrying his children on his shoulders when they got tired. Anyone who has ever attempted this knows that after a period of time it becomes very uncomfortable, this is what sparked the idea of creating a carrier that allowed children to happily and securely ride on shoulders without causing soreness.

First impressions were how compact this carrier is, it folds down nicely with the child’s back support tucking down into the pack when not in use. This Carrier fits people with torso length (from the hip bone to the top of shoulder) ranging from 15 inches to 23 inches, if you fall out of this range, you can contact OE Carrier for customisation. The carrier measures up at 22x14x6 inches when folded and weighs 2kg and just 1.55kg with the 40L backpack removed, the max carrying weight recommended is 45lbs to make it comfortable to carry but the frame will take up to 130lb (you don’t want them on your shoulders at this weight) and a max height of 45inches. The OE Carrier can be worn like a regular backpack until little one needs a break, then it involves unclipping a buckle to fold out the back support and shoulder straps. It will take a little bit of time adjusting all the straps during the first use but there are some great instructional videos on the website to help with this (all narrated by the creator’s daughter…so cute).

The wide hip belt and generously padded shoulder straps make carrying the child a much sturdier and comfortable experience, my husband manged it for much longer than me, but I think that is a strength thing rather than a reflection on the carrier. It is easy to get the child on and off with a bit of practice and the shoulder straps and ankle straps keep them safe even if they doze off. It is obvious that Hongming is a keep hiker due to the careful attention to details include the spacious backpack (fully detachable for trips without the kids), it is hydration pack compatible and breathable. The removable pocket on the hip belt is a great place to keep snacks for little one within easy reach and provides a little bit of extra padding. With that being the only niggle, this is a great carrier for families that love the outdoors, it greatly increases the time you can carry a child on your shoulders, they feel much more secure, it frees up your hands and they get a great view of the world. Our favourite thing was that its folds down when not in use, you don’t get yourself caught in the trees when your child is walking along with you and when they have out grown it you still have a functional backpack to use. RRP $199

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A great way to give little ones a break whilst enjoying the natural world as a family.
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to use after a little practise
  • Compact
  • Detachable 40L backpack
  • Versatile
  • Changing the back length takes time