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Oscha Okinami Kaio Ring Sling Oscha Okinami Kaio Ring Sling
Oscha Okinami Kaio Ring Sling 5

When it comes to baby carriers and slings there are a lot of great choices out there but there are a few reasons why the Oscha immediately stood out. Firstly it is a carbon-neutral company, and their baby carriers are made with zero-waste. Secondly the fabrics are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns and handcrafted in the solar-powered Scottish workshop, each sling sold contributes to the growing Oscha grove which is helping to reforest the Scottish Highlands. On top of that are the beautiful designs, these include bright colours and animals, earth mother vibes and the stunning Middle Earth range, any Tolkien fan will appreciate these magnificent patterns.

We received the Okinami Kaio with the Right Shoulder Gathered Silver Rings; this brings together blue-teal and natural ecru tones to the waves and sky in this Okinami pattern. The sling is woven with BCI organic cotton and hemp blend, giving it a wonderfully soft but super strong structure whilst remaining naturally breathable and gentle on both baby’s and carriers skin. The Gathered Shoulder ring spreads over the shoulder distributing the weight, quick to slip on with a bit of practise, best suited for short trips and children who like to be up and down often. This sling is suitable for newborns all the way into toddlerhood, it gets softer over time without compromising support, the inclusion of hemp in the material helps to naturally wick away moisture, making baby wearing in the summer months a more comfortable experience.

The ring sling comes in a handy organic cotton tote bag its lightweight making it easy to store away and carry with you, it comes in a choice of either left or right shoulder wearing, this is based purely on the pattern and can be worn on either. When things get messy, and they will, the sling can be machine washed at 30 degrees and tumble dried ready to use again on your next trip out. The Oscha Okinami Kaio Ring Sling is well made in every sense, like all slings of this nature you will need a few goes to nail it but it is so worth it for the hands-free bonding and soothing it can provide both baby and wearer. RRP £100.80

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This gorgeous sling comes from a carbon neutral company and made with BCI Organic Cotton.
  • Carbon neutral company
  • Beautiful designs
  • Soft and supportive
  • Breathable and naturally wicking
  • Lightweight
  • Portable