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Rockit Portable Baby Rocker Rockit Portable Baby Rocker
Rockit Portable Baby Rocker 4.5

I recently took my friend out to the supermarket, now, this doesn’t sound like the most exciting day trip but as a new mum this was one of the few times she had left the house without her little one and she was excited to browse the aisles with two hands to spare.

It wasn’t long however before I caught her obliviously moving the trolly back and forth as if attempting to rock the cake and crisps we were purchasing to sleep, even after I pointed it out to her I still caught her at it three more times. Annoyed at herself for not being able to switch off she went on to tell me that jiggling her baby about was often the only way to get her to settle, she did this so much that is was getting to the point where she was getting joint pain from all the constant rocking. She was the first person I messaged when the Rockit Portable Baby Rocker landed on my desk, this ingenious space craft was developed by inventor Dr Nick Webb when he noticed his three-month-old would wake as soon as the motion of the moving pram stopped. Tested to the highest EU safety standards it can be used with ages 0-36 months and upwards, it attaches to the pushchair or pram via the universal mount, the Rockit can then be easily attached to the mount when need and activated via a large push button on the end, the speed can be adjusted via the dial at the base.

The vibration level has been designed to closely mimic the normal hand rocking of a pushchair, it’s great for switching on when you get to your destination, be it your home, the café or the library the Rockit has the benefit of using a quiet motor (40dB to be exact) so as not to disturb baby or the people around you. The Rockit has an IPX1 rating making it safe to use if you get caught out in a light rain shower (it should not be exposed to prolonged rain and heavy rain). The only downside we found was that it is powered via 4 AA batteries, this will give you about 60hours but only at its lowest setting, if you are using a higher power they can drain out in a couple of days, it really depends on how strong a setting and how often you are using it. Switching the batteries over is tedious as it requires a small screwdriver (not included), we would love to see a large rechargeable battery included with the option of purchasing a spare that can be quickly switched over on the fly. The built in 30minute timer does help to conserve the battery life and can be restarted at any time with a simple push of the on/off button. Even considering the battery life (we recommend using high quality rechargeable batteries and carrying a screwdriver with you) this is a great product, one that should be on every baby shower list. RRP £39.99

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This is a great product, one that should be on every baby shower list.
  • Mimics the hand rocking motion of a pushchair
  • Fits practically any push chair or pram
  • Simple to use
  • 30 minutes built in timer
  • IPX1 rating
  • Adjustable speed
  • Quiet
  • Battery life can drain quickly
  • Accessing batteries is awkward