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Whilst baby is cooking away for 9 months they are already taking in the world around them, however due to all the layers between their ears and the outside world sounds are distorted, this is why they find some noises extra comforting. As well as all the noises outside baby can also hear mums’ heartbeat, stomach gurgles and the whooshing of the air entering and leaving the lungs, this all comes together to make a soothing rhythmic tune for baby to chill out to. It is understandable they have such a tough time falling and staying asleep once they leave this melodic comforting space. The Rockit Wooshh helps transition baby into the world with eight high-quality soothing sounds with four volume levels. This tiny little rocket (60H x 36W x 36D mm, 36g) can be stood, clipped or strapped close to Moses baskets or cots, on pushchairs and anywhere baby is willing to have a snooze (always keep out of reach of baby), it charges up via USB, which means you can charge it at home or via a portable power bank for extra convenience when out and about.

It can be set to play for 1 hour or for 10 hours for those extra tricky nights, the sounds are really impressive for such a little speaker, there are two types of shushing noises to pick from, as well as a stream, heavy rain, a womb sound with pink noise, a cat purring, lullaby and a genuine outer space noise (used with kind permission from NASA). My little man uses white noise to help him sleep and one issue we have come across now he’s older and having sleep overs or naps away from home is that we don’t have the white noise to hand, that’s what makes the Wooshh a great idea. You can easily toggle through the sounds with a push of the button, holding the button down changes the volume, the Wooshh will remember the last sound selected so it’s ready to go with baby’s favourite next time. The Wooshh is a fab portable baby soother, excellent value for money for something that can put baby to sleep anywhere, anytime, oh and, it works great with adults too. RRP £19.99

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The Wooshh is an ultra-portable, soothing sound machine to lull your little ones to sleep wherever you are.
  • 8 high-quality soothing sounds and 4 volume levels
  • Super compact and portable
  • USB rechargeable
  • 1 hour or all-night mode
  • Stand, clip or strap it (out of reach of child)
  • Great value for money
  • 10% of profits donated to The Aidie Trust - Protecting vulnerable babies