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Sense-U Video+Breathing Monitor 2 Sense-U Video+Breathing Monitor 2
Sense-U Video+Breathing Monitor 2 4

When preparing for the arrival of a new baby you will often be told to sleep when baby sleeps, however what you don’t get told is that a combination of hormones, anxiety and excitement can make sleep in the early days near enough impossible. One of the things I struggled with was the idea that something might happen to baby whilst I was asleep next to him and the idea of moving him into his own room to sleep filled me with terror.

The Sense-U Video+Breathing Monitor 2 aims to alleviate a lot of these fears by monitoring baby for you giving you better peace of mind and maybe some decent sleep. This bundle comes with all the gear to monitor breathing, body temperature, sleep position and let you stream live HD video at anytime from anywhere. The camera records in 1080p HD and features night vision, two-way audio, background audio and motion detection all on a secure WiFi connection. The Breathing Monitor 2 is easy to use, it securely attaches to the nappy and will continuously monitor baby’s respiration rate, body temperature, and sleep position, it connects to the Base Station over Bluetooth which gives a range of 50ft which might be too restrictive for some. The monitor will send notifications to the Base Station with a colour coded system that will alert you to weak breathing, if they have rolled onto their stomach or have a high temperature.

The good news is the alerts from the Base Station will also be received by your smartphone too with an audible notification, twins and multiples in the same room as the Base Station are also supported. The great thing about having a physical base station and not just relying on your smartphone is not having to worry about your phones battery silently running out. The system allows you to share baby’s video stream and vitals with family members on different smart phones or tablets. There are no subscription fees or monthly costs with the Sense U, the set up is straightforward with the app walking you through the process, and once installed it is easy to navigate and has a clear display. This Sense U bundle could use a few tweaks to make it perfect, multi device access and a wider connectivity range for the breathing monitor. If the single smartphone connectivity isn’t an issue the Sense U Video+Breathing Monitor 2 is a highly detailed monitoring choice, letting you relax as a parent safe in the knowledge that you will be alerted to any unsafe situations. RRP $299

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This monitoring system lets you keep a close eye on baby’s vitals and environment when you aren’t with them.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • HD video
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Breathing, position, body temp and room temp monitoring
  • Base Station with colour coded alerts
  • Subscription free
  • Limited breathing monitor range
  • Video streaming only available on one device