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Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Phone Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Phone
Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Phone 5

Well, here’s a tidy little solution to a problem for the modern age! How does one keep track of one’s little ones without them realising you’re doing exactly that? Give them a funky watch type thing that they think is really awesome and jobs a good’un!

In all seriousness, I think this is a great idea. You don’t want to give young kids a phone with all the bells and whistles and all the hassle that that entails after-all but you do want them to be able to contact you if need be and vice-versa as well as get a good idea of whereabouts they are for peace of mind. The Spacetalk Watch does that and gives them a few things to keep them occupied to boot. It has a 5MP camera along with a step-counter and a heart-rate monitor and the capability to make and receive calls as well as SMS messaging. One feature I particularly like is the ability to allocate a picture to a number so that there is an instantaneous visual aid so they know exactly who’s calling or who they are calling themselves.

So that they don’t become a complete slave to the tech and miss out on all that important schooling, you can switch the phone to classroom mood which basically disables everything and pretty much turns this in to a fancy wrist-watch. And all this can be done from your own phone of course so you don’t even need to fiddle with the watch itself. You can also dictate who is in their contact list so they can only receive or make calls to or from who you say they can for complete peace of mind. RRP £159

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THE smart watch for kids
  • Safe, easy way to keep tabs on your kids
  • Easily control who they have contact with
  • School mode so they don’t have to switch it off when there.
  • SOS alert function
  • Wrist strap can be awkward, not great for little fingers
  • Need to sign up to the ‘Spacetalk’ app subscription service for the full experience.