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Vital Baby Nurture Flexcone Electric Breast Pump Vital Baby Nurture Flexcone Electric Breast Pump
Vital Baby Nurture Flexcone Electric Breast Pump 4.5

The Nurture Flexcone Electric Breast Pump from Vital Baby is a mid-range breast pump that can easily switch from electric to manual.
This award-winning pump comes with Vital Baby NURTURE breast like feeding bottle 150ml, cap and collar, Vital Baby NURTURE breast like teat slow flow, silicone breast cup and Flexcone, manual breast pump conversion kit, bottle stand, bottle adapter, spare membrane, USB charge cable and plug adapter and six ultra-comfort breast pads.
The compact pump measures up at 112 x 112 x 70mm with the pump attachment including bottle adapter measuring at 85 x 145 x 165mm. The Flexcone is made from a very soft silicone forming a secure but gentle seal, which cushions the breast, making it one of the most comfortable pumps in this price range. It works in two phases mimicking the baby’s natural feeding action, first to produce small and fast pulses to massage and stimulate the milk flow, then the slower and longer pulses encourage the let-down to get the milk to start flowing smoothly.
The pump offers nine different speed settings in each phase, so you can find the perfect setting for you, making the pump perfectly adaptable to suit every mum’s comfort level. The pump is controlled via the touch screen panel with intuitive buttons. It is reasonably quiet, but not silent, and can be used plugged in or via the built-in rechargeable battery, meaning you have the option to use it at home or on your travels.
The manual handle also gives you another option for how and where you would like to pump. All the components are lightweight, making it easy to take out and about with you, however there is no carry case, only the box. There are lots of parts to the pump, so assembly and cleaning can be fiddly. There are definitely more portable pumps out there, however this is wonderfully comfortable; it is very gentle when expressing on both the manual and electric set up, yet still manages to produce a good flow and production. The wide range of levels and settings mean you can tailor it to your body giving you a higher chance of a successful expression. Perhaps best suited for those who are likely to pump in the same place the majority of the time. RRP £99.99

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This mid-range pump has a wide range of settings, manual/electric and mains/powered options, combined with super comfort.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Gentle but successful pump (no pulling)
  • 9 stimulation and pumping levels
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Manual handle attachment
  • Excellent value for money
  • Lots of different components to fit together
  • No carry case