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Baronfig Squire Copper Rollerball Pen Baronfig Squire Copper Rollerball Pen
Baronfig Squire Copper Rollerball Pen 4.5

So much of our lives revolves around screens, both work and social lives can involve a lot of time looking at qwerty keyboard, if I was to write more than a page these days, I would probably get hand cramp.

However, in making an active effort to become more mindful I have taken to journaling, one idea around journaling is to use a pen and note book dedicated to the act, no notification distractions or internet enticements. There is also something satisfying about physical writing that makes you focus in a way that typing just doesn’t deliver. Baronfig started as a Kickstarter project when two friends wanted to produce high quality stationary for the thinkers out there. Fun fact, Baronfig comes from the symbols for the Greek gods Apollo (Baron) and Dionysus (fig) who individually represent discipline and impulse with the brand aiming to incorporate both behaviours. The Squire Copper Rollerball Pen is a striking writing instrument, a take on their classic Squire pen, shorter than most pens around the house it measures in at 5 inchs long with a 0.4 inch diameter.

Forged from copper it has a wonderful weight to it (1.8oz) that feels comfortable in your hands and gives a sturdy grip, the copper will develop a patina with use, which you can either let it wear like a badge of honour or simply wipe it off with a gentle soap scrub.
The brand name and a sword (to remind you that the pen is mightier than the sword) are discretely etched at the top of the pen, the pen is subtly wider at the bottom to prevent your fingers sliding down. The twist top action deploys the aluminium tip, writing is an enjoyable experience, the ink comes out smoothly, instantly and at the lightest touch reducing the chance of writing fatigue and allowing you to take down thoughts as fast as they pop into your head. The ink can be refilled (£10 for three) giving a lifetime of use and reducing waste, the shorter length makes it easily portable to take to work?? or invest in the copper pen stand (£19) to display it in pride of place. The only change we would like to see made is the foam inside the packaging, something recyclable would definitely be preferred. The Squire Copper Rollerball Pen is a pleasure to write with and a beauty to behold, this has become my go to tool for journaling and is something that makes this mindful act even more special. RRP £67

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This beautifully crafted pen will be your go to tool for recording all your thoughts and ideas.
  • Premium copper construction
  • Smooth, light and quick writing style
  • Replaceable inks for lifelong use
  • Shorter length for portability
  • Weighted and ergonomic shape
  • Beautiful
  • Non-recyclable foam in packaging