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Fellowes Powershred LX201 Micro-Cut Shredder Fellowes Powershred LX201 Micro-Cut Shredder
Fellowes Powershred LX201 Micro-Cut Shredder 5

Dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms have been turning into home offices as of late and you might be missing the equipment you used to take for granted at work.

The Fellowes Powershred LX201 Micro-Cut Shredder is an ideal shredder for the home office, it comes in Black and a less attention seeking White design. The compact 52.71 x 25.40 x 35.56 cm size and four wheels makes it easy to tuck away in a corner or under a desk until needed. This shredder has a new IntelliBar that has patented responsive technology for fast and effective shredding performance, it can handle up to 12 sheets in one go and will perform 2599 shreds per sheet. The micro cuts performed provided high levels of security with pieces coming out at 2 x 12mm in size, the LX201 can run for up to 10 minutes at a time before it needs a quick break to reset. The pull-out waste bin can hold up to 22 litres of shredded paper before it needs emptying.

The 100% Jam Proof System can automatically detect and power through difficult jobs which means it can work through staples, credit cards, paper clips and junk mail. This machine will also automatically reverse and stop if a jam does occur preventing the machine from becoming stuck or damaged. The Sleep Mode will automatically shut the shredder down after 2 minutes of inactivity to save energy. It is surprisingly quiet for such a high performing machine making it suitable to use in the morning or evenings in a home environment. Another great feature is the SafeSense mode, this will stop the shredder immediately when hand or paws (pets are many peoples co-workers right now) touch the paper entry slot. The LX201 performed admirably, packed with features to be a helpful, secure and safe addition to your home office.

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RRP £235

This high security shredder ensures personal data and confidential information are being permanently destroyed for safety and to comply with the GDPR.
  • 100% Jam Proof System
  • Auto Reverse
  • Micro-Cut (3x smaller than standard Cross-Cut)
  • Sleep Mode
  • Quiet Operation
  • SafeSense
  • Compact design with wheels