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Fellowes Powershred LX70 Fellowes Powershred LX70
Fellowes Powershred LX70 5

No idea about you guys but, secreted around the home here and there are ‘important’ documents that, if I’m being totally honest, stopped being important probably over a decade ago. Time to clear out and get rid! Yet there’s always that fear of throwing something in the bin or recycling that an unfriendly individual could take advantage of isn’t there? Data protection is such an important part of our lives now that something like a home shredder is actually a sensible purchase for us regular people and not just the purview of offices at home or businesses.

The Powershred LX70 is a cross-shredder so cuts up your papers in to smaller chunks than a traditional strip shredder, greatly increasing the security aspect of this shredder. The bin has an 18 Litre capacity – a decent size for a home shredder. Makes it mildly less annoying when shredding large amounts of paper, having to constantly empty the bin mid-way through and interrupting the incredibly satisfying feeding of documents to this little beast. I say beast but actually, that’s another great thing about this – it runs fairly quietly, more of a cuddly creepy-crawly than a beast! And aesthetically, it’s unobtrusive and will sit quite happily minding its own business out of the way somewhere.

This is my favourite part though. This thing can also shred paper clips, staples and credit cards with no fuss. How massive is that? No need to spend forever pulling out staples or removing paper clips before shredding and this is way more effective than just snipping the corner off an old credit/debit card. And it hasn’t jammed once yet, just make sure to keep it oiled. Finally, it has a safety lock built in so that when that inquisitive child wonders if your passport can be shredded, they’ll just have to keep wondering!
RRP £89.99

5 out of 5

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Very easy to use and relatively inexpensive for what you’re able to do with it. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively quiet
  • 5 minutes shredding time with 30 minutes cool down ensures the longevity of this shredder
  • Can shred paper clips, staples and credit cards
  • Can handle up to 11 sheets of paper at a time
  • None yet. Over time it may lose efficacy but all things do