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Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk 5

There is loads of evidence that shows sitting at a desk all day is bad for us, bad for our bodies, mind and productivity, thankfully stand desks are available to let you mix things up throughout the day.

The Jarvis from Fully is a customisable standing desk made from eco-friendly bamboo and mounted on the award-winning Jarvis frame. This adjustable height desk can be used in the seated or standing configuration and easily switched between the two throughout the day. The bamboo used is grown without pesticides or fertilizers and has a tough UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating to finish. The frame has won the best standing desk by The Wirecutter five years in a row, with an impressive lifting capacity of 158 kg, it can drop down low enough for a child to sit at and raise up high enough for a 6’5” person to work at. There are two shapes to choose from, rectangle or contoured and seven desk sizes (all priced differently) ranging from 120 x 80 up to 180 x 80.

The wire management grommets can sit at the back left and right corners of the desk and measure 80 mm with 95 mm caps, they come in Black or White and you can choose to have one, two or none. The frame can be Black, Silver, White or Alloy, you can select the Mid Range height (75.6 to 124.5 cm) or the Extended Range 64.2 to 129 cm. The next thing to decide is whether to select a stand adjustment switch or a programmable memory switch, this means you can automatically set a specific height with just one press of a button. Finally, you can select your cable management, there is the option of two WireTamer cable trays, two wire management kits or a clamp mounted power strip, there is also a range of chairs, standing pads and balance board that can be added to the shopping cart at the point of purchase. The Jarvis bamboo desk has a streamlined, minimalist design that will compliment most offices décor, the motor is reasonably quiet when adjusting the height so as not to disturb others around you. The finish is durable enough to prevent scratches or coffee stains and smooth enough for most computer mice to work without a mat. A versatile choice to encourage you to get on your feet throughout the day. RRP £519-£928 depending on options selected

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This height adjustable desk can help to get you on your feet throughout the working day.
  • Solid frame
  • Eco friendly bamboo top
  • Durable finish
  • Customizable
  • Programmable height adjustment option
  • Easy adjustment
  • Sturdy