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Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair 4.5

I am now, amongst many others, part of the new wave of worker ants plying their trade from home and when I was informed I would be reviewing the Freedom Headrest Chair I couldn’t wait, as I have been sat on a wooden kitchen chair for the last few months!

The Chair arrives in two parts, the base which already has the castors attached and the seat itself. It is very simple to assemble, just slot the seat on top of the base, however instructions are included in case you get stuck. My first thoughts were how stylish this looked, from the castors to the base, the stem to the chair and both the armrests and headrest screamed great craftmanship, simple yet elegant.

Now when I first sat in the chair I was impressed, but let’s be honest after sitting on a wooden kitchen chair for 8 hours a day for 2 months anyone would find most things more comfortable. So, I went out and sat at a normal chair in our office for a day and then came back home to try the Freedom with a more cleansed palette and it was a cut above. The first thing you notice is how pronounced the lower lumbar section is. It hits your back right away and if you are looking for great lower support, the Freedom chair has it. The backrest also has a pivoting function, which is unique. As you move back and forth in the chair, the lumbar moves with you and I found myself typing away while leaning back and forth which I have never done before.

With other features such as the Seat slider function, Height adjustable backrest and the Articulating headrest Synchronous armrests this chair can be moulded to your heart’s desire. We had this for three weeks and it yanked on my heart strings when it had to be returned, I would love to have this chair as a permanent fixture but I simply can’t afford it for the price of £1240 RRP this is aimed more at business or workers on a much higher paygrade than myself. Aside from the price my only other gripe was taking it apart when it had to be returned, which was a mixture of sadness to say goodbye and anger as I couldn’t separate the base unit from the seat. You are meant to hit the end sharply with a hammer to separate but I couldn’t manage to do it even when reading and watching tutorials.

If I won the lottery and was kitting out my office this is the first thing I would buy, I loved it that much I just wish it was slightly more affordable for me. RRP £1240

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This for me is the Rolls Royce of office chairs.
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Ability to task while reclined
  • Easy to operate armrests
  • Summary - This for me is the Rolls Royce of office chairs.
  • Price
  • Disassembly