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Humanscale NeatCharge Humanscale NeatCharge
Humanscale NeatCharge 4.5

I hate a messy desk space, I feel like I can’t concentrate with loads of clutter and cables about, my brain is far too easily distracted, the Humanscale NeatCharge is a wonderful idea for keeping things tidy at work. Humanscale abide by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less and products that solve problems with simple, efficient designs and it shows with the NeatCharge. This unassuming disk attaches underneath your desktop, a bit like those sucker fish you see on sharks and lets you charge wirelessly through the desk. The NeatCharge is compatible with any Qi device, including mobile phones and tablets, and works with work surfaces that have a minimum thickness of 0.6” (1.5cm) up to 1.33” (3.2cm) it won’t work with metal but will do with most other materials. It is surprisingly simple to install, you will have to get a tape measure out and concentrate a bit but it’s not hard, the main unit can either the screwed in place or attached via the adhesive sticker (which is provided) if the desk cannot be drilled into (although this will have a slight impact on the charging power).

The Charging Location Sticker is then placed directly above the unit with the Position sensor on top of it, move everything around until the LEDs light up on the main unit, once all six LEDs are lit up (it’s a bit like a game of hot and cold) ,you can stick the location sticker to the desk. The sticker lays flush on the desk, it is grey in colour, and we would love to see some different colours to blend in with the desktop, perhaps transparent or wood tones but as it stands the grey is reasonable unobtrusive. There are two adhesive cable tidies to stick underneath the desk to finish off the job.

You don’t have to be restricted to your desktop either you can put it on your bedside table, coffee table or breakfast bar. The charger tops out at 10w which is the standard charge speed for most devices, it’s not the fast charge you can get with some of the newer devices, it will still need to be plugged in if you want to take advantage of that. RRP £186.00

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Keep your workspace neat and tidy with this discrete contactless charger
  • Keeps the desktop clean and tidy
  • Quick to install
  • Works with all QI devices
  • Suitable for most surface materials
  • Charging location sticker only in one colour
  • Doesn’t support fast charge