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In my previous job, I used to be ‘the guy’ that people came to for all their computer accessories such as keyboards and mice (mouses?). And, I can quite confidently say that most ergonomic mouses looked at worst bizarre and complicated to, at best, grossly oversized and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how they were meant to be better than a regular mouse. But, no-one seemed to complain so I guess they did what they needed to do. Or maybe it’s just they didn’t want to come back and tell me…

Humanscale have teamed up with Razer to come up with this ergonomic mouse with the focus firmly being on comfort. And it doesn’t look weird or ridiculously huge! It looks like a slightly fancier version of a normal mouse in all honesty. I ‘get’ how this works and it really is quite comfortable to use. The shape has been designed to fit in to your palm and has a 30° tilt to match how your wrist actually naturally falls when your arm is extended over a desk so you’re not holding it at an unnatural angle to use the mouse. This alone makes a massive difference and instantly felt more natural to use. The tilt also allows for a larger area for your thumb to be in when resting so you can avoid accidentally clicking the buttons, something I’ve been frustrated by on more than one occasion.

Moving on from the design, the optical sensor tracks movement at a rate of 16,000 DPI meaning you don’t have to move the mouse around loads to get the cursor moving, again reducing the amount of effort and strain on your wrist. The mouse buttons are good for 50 million clicks and the battery lasts for 400 hours. RRP £150.52

4 out of 5

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Very responsive and comfortable. If you regularly work using a PC, your wrist will thank you for this!
  • Very responsive
  • Comfortable
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Doesn’t look like a monstrosity!
  • A little heavy for FPS games and not enough buttons for MMORPG players but this is more geared towards office workers I feel so they can be forgiven for not worrying too much about that.
  • Couldn’t find a left-handed version