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As a society we are becoming increasingly aware that sitting at a desk all day is bad for us, not only does it have a negative effect on our posture and overall physical health but it has also been linked to low productivity and increase anxiety.

The Vari Pro Plus 30 is a clever way of upgrading your workspace to get you back on your feet for parts of the day, from the Vari desk converter range this is an adjustable desk raiser that comes fully assembled, simply pop it on your existing desk, that’s all the installation it requires. Thanks to the heavy-duty weighted base there are no screws or clamps necessary, the steel construction and durable 3D laminated finish offer high levels of stability whilst you work.

Adjusting the desk height is straightforward, the dual-handle design and spring assisted lift makes light work of raising all your gear to a suitable height in a smooth motion, no risk of spilling your coffee when adjusting the height whilst you work, the patented foam-wrapped steel mechanism protects against pinch points. The Two-Tier design means there is plenty of space for monitors (one or two) on the top level, with room for a keyboard, mouse and notebook for example on the lower tier, any cables simple drop out the back of the unit.

There are 11 different height positions to choose from, this means if the desk is used by multiple users it will be suitable for all, the 3D laminated finish is comfortable on your skin whilst typing and using the mouse and grippy enough to prevent tools sliding about. The only colour available is black and it has a rather industrial look so it may not match your office interior, however, this is a small price to pay to avoid back pain, there are posture cut outs in both the upper and lower tiers helping you get closer to your equipment without hunching over.

The Pro Plus 30 is a thoughtfully designed and practical desk convertor, leaving you with no excuse to not get up on your feet throughout the working day. RRP £275.00

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This height adjustable desk adaptor makes it easy to enjoy all the benefits of getting out of the desk chair during the working day.
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Sturdy
  • Fully Assembled
  • 11 Height Settings
  • Spring-Assisted Lift
  • Dual-Handle Design
  • Only one colour/style available