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As a mid-thirties male balancing three jobs, a family including a new-born I feel lost and spiralling if I have not made a to do list first thing in the morning with a startling array of things I have to do, the satisfaction of each tick is euphoric.

Last month I bought three new A4 refill pads which is something I tend to do every quarter, these refill pads are filled purely with to do lists, doodles and notes. Now as a family we are trying to become greener in all areas of our lives from recyclable toilet roll to reusable nappies so if I can save both the planet and £48 per year that I spend on refill pads I am very interested in hearing more.

Firstly the product looks great and has a real professional feel about it with a tanned faux leather hardback while elegantly bounded, inside there are 10 A4 ruled sheets so 20 sides for you to list away.

With the patented hypergloss film technology, there is limited smudging when using correctable markers, which was something I was concerned about before using but I found the product reliable, durable and conveniently light weighing only 0.7 lb. To clean is very simple, just use a damp cloth and go again.

If you want to save any notes you can via the Wipebook scan app which is simple to use. I am very impressed with the simplicity of the product and it’s all round quality and It has solved a problem for me that I didn’t know even needed solving. I am doing my bit for the planet while the Wipebook Pro has also paid for itself in one year with the amount I was previously spending on refill pads. RRP $44.99

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It has solved a problem for me that I didn’t know even needed solving
  • Nice Design
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • No Smudging
  • Cheap
  • Scan app