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Amok Draumr XL, Winterlight Fjøl XL and Skjold Tarp Amok Draumr XL, Winterlight Fjøl XL and Skjold Tarp
Amok Draumr XL, Winterlight Fjøl XL and Skjold Tarp 5

Amok Draumr XL

Draumr comes from the Old Norse word meaning Dream and that seems pretty accurate with this quick assembling, lay flat set up that lets you sleep completely flat on your front, back or sides, away from the uncomfortable ground.

The Draumr is much lighter and more compact than your standard tent at 1495g (including bug net and suspension kit) and a pack size of 12 x 7 inches, this makes it a practical choice for hiking and travelling. However unlike a tent you will need some trees (or obliging tall friends), the set up is quick and simple, wrap the included suspension straps (110 inches) around two trees, from here you just attach either end of the hammock, you can adjust the height lower if needed so it’s always best to get those straps up as high as possible at the beginning.

Then it’s just a matter of inserting the pad, there is a cut-out access point for the valve in the hammock so it can be topped up or deflated without being removed. The Stick Pockets at either end of the hammock require…you guessed it…a stick to be inserted to prop up the head and foot area for more space at both ends, the sticks need a little bit of flexibility and to be cut or snapped to the right length. I love the idea of utilising the natural surroundings one step further to set up this hammock, however I can’t help but wonder if it would be easier to have two small poles provided just to ensure people wouldn’t break off sticks from the tree if there was nothing suitable on the ground.

Getting in takes a bit of practise and there is little grace about the procedure, there are a couple of different techniques to try and see what is best for you. The Draumr can be modified into chair mode, to turn the hammock upright like a chair simply adjust the straps inside the hammock, it can be reclined too, the integrated detachable bug net can be quickly deployed when needed and is fastened via a YKK zipper.

The storage pockets are located in the middle of the hammock ideal for keeping belongings close to hand, there is also a bottle holder to store your water (or beer). Packing away is made easy thanks to the spacious stuff sack that can be compacted via the compression straps, there are handle and backpack attachment points for easy transportation. The tough 70D Ripstop Nylon is very strong, enabling the hammock to take a maximum of 400 lbs and is suitable for users up to a max height of 6 ft 10 inches.

€ 409.90 (Fjol Winterlight XL Insulated Pad included)

Fjol Winterlight XL Insulated Pad

The Fjol Winterlight XL Insulated Pad ensures you can enjoy both comfort and the natural world, two things that don’t always go hand in hand, this pad is thick, wide and extra-long with a tubular design offering a supportive and soft foundation. The Fjøl is filled with synthetic insulation which provides efficient warmth suitable for all four seasons, letting you enjoy the outdoors even on those colder nights. This pad is inflated via the pump bag, which allows you to inflate the mat instantly while preventing the humidity from your breath from affecting the insulation which causes the pad to deflate as the air cools.

Constructed with a 20D Polyester HEX top and 30D Polyester Ripstop bottom means the insulation is 200 gsm, with the Amok High-loft welded to the top and bottom layer provides you with an R-Value of 5 (0 °F / -18 °C). The pad weighs 996g including the pump bag and stuff sack and packs down to 11 x 6.5 inches.


For extra protection against the elements this lightweight tarp can be set up, it comes with the guylines and stakes needed, the Skjold is Amoks lightest and smallest tarp when packed, measuring at just 7.5 x 3.5 inches and weighs 570g with the stakes included.

The Skjold is cut in a unique pattern to offer protection for the unusual shape of the hammock, providing protection to you and your gear from the rain, the 40D Nylon Double RS – Sil/Sil 2000mm is a lightweight fabric but extremely strong for its weight. The flexible and slippery surface can quickly shed water and snow, preventing build up and putting pressure on the tarp, it is ready to be deployed between two trees or set up using your trekking poles or sticks.
The all new adjuster buckles are slip proof and quick to adjust; no knot skills needed. The guylines are reflective, the adjusters and micro carabiners are pre-attached, the six lightweight stakes feature reflective pull cords making them easier to spot in the dark and avoid tripping over them when nature calls.

The Skjold tarp can be easily rolled or stuffed into the generous stuff sack, this is an ideal companion for the Draumr XL and outdoor adventures.

RRP € 124.95

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All three products combined make for a comfortable and easily portable space to sleep whilst out in the elements
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable materials
  • Straightforward set up
  • Draumr lays flat or in chair position
  • Sleep on your back, front or sides
  • Winterlight Fjøl XL pad is warm and comfortable
  • Poles would be easier than sticks