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Cheerble Wicked Ball for Dogs Cheerble Wicked Ball for Dogs
Cheerble Wicked Ball for Dogs 3.5

There was one family member who found lockdown a real treat, they have four paws and a waggy tail and just loved having you home with them every single day, it was a tough move when their owners went back to the office, and they had to entertain themselves again.

The Wicked Ball for Dogs from Cheerble has been designed as a toy that will eliminate boredom when you are away, it is fully interactive and triggered by your dogs’ actions. So, what exactly is it? well, it is a 3inch, 200g rechargeable ball, that’s similar to the size of a tennis ball, it comes in a range of finishes, there is a choice of blue, green and yellow smooth finishes, an artificial wool and the cyclone finish that we received, this is a less destructible model than the others. The outer casing can be removed with additional covers sold separately; on the inside you will find the brains of the toy. It is easy to activate there is one button that turns it on and selects the play mode, Green for gentle play (10 minutes play time followed by 30 minutes of rest time, with 8 hours battery) Blue for normal play (10 minutes play time followed by 15 minutes of rest time with 5 hours battery) and Pink for active (100 minutes straight of play time). The battery is charged via the USB port and 1 hour of charge time will provide 8 hours playtime, completely hands free with no app required.

The Wicked Ball claims to never get stuck thanks to the automatic obstacle avoidance sensor, this works reasonably well but isn’t fool proof, it can still tuck itself away under the furniture out of pups reach. There is a small hole that can be used to tuck away a small snack although it would be handy if it was larger and could house a few, although it might be best to skip the snacks altogether to avoid encouraging chewing as the toy isn’t suitable for very heavy chewers. The IP67 rating makes it waterproof and protected from sand and dust which means you can take it on holidays, walks and other outdoor adventures. The ball will try to tempt your dog into a game of chase or hunt by rolling around, vibrating, flashing, shaking and jolting about the room encouraging them to stay active and challenging them mentally. The Wicked Ball is a clever idea but won’t be suitable for all dogs, those with plenty of energy to burn off will appreciate it best however it is worth remaining in the same room whilst they play for the first few times to ensure it is 100% safe for them. RRP £40
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This ball will play with your dog when you can’t.
  • Triggered by dogs interaction
  • 3 play modes
  • playful
  • Replaceable covers
  • Good battery life
  • Not suitable for heavy chewers
  • Small hole for snack
  • Can get stuck under furniture