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Dr. Otek MTXE for beginners Dr. Otek MTXE for beginners
Dr. Otek MTXE for beginners 4
Metal detecting can seem a little daunting if you’re first getting in to it. So many things to consider, not to mention the vast swathes of wisdom that can be provided by veteran detectorists – it can be a little over-whelming to the beginner. So, Dr. Otek have designed a metal detector for all you beginners out there!

The MTXE features 6 easily selectable modes – the standard all-metal mode, the mode that features a varying range of tones depending on the metal type known as DISC and Pinpoint for when you need to zero in on a piece of metal are the 3 standard modes most metal detectors come with. The other 3 modes are Pasture, Park and Sand, each of which is formulated to be most effective in those particular environments. So, for example the Pasture mode is set to trigger for any kind of metal as there is less likelihood to be items that you wish to ignore when combing through a field. For that, Park would be a good mode as you get to single out and ignore certain metal types, allowing for more precise searching. Finally, the Sand setting filters out electrical noise from sand (it’s quite conductive you know), ideal for beach work.

All of the above modes are accessible through either a short or long press on the buttons available, making it very simple to use. There is a 3.5mm jack and this kit actually comes with a set of foldable headphones as well as a finds bag and your own foldable metal trowel to help dig up the ground when you do find something. The whole thing is powered by a 9V battery (you have to buy this separately) and weighs just under a kilo so isn’t too taxing on the arm. All-in-all, a good starting point for any budding detectorists out there! RRP £139.99

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