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Myself and my friends go camping every year. It’s a very simple field we go to with limited amenities – which is how we like it! However, there has been occasion where something like this generator would have come in very handy… Whether it be lighting at night to play cards by, somewhere to plug in a stereo or someone’s mobile phone needing charging, a multi-faceted charger such as this is what we need!

You can charge it up at home (taking just over 1 ½ hours to fully charge from a mains socket) before you leave, use your car battery to charge it when you need to or even use a solar panel, although you would have to buy this separately. Once charged up, it has a standard AC output of up to 600 Watts but this can be boosted to 1200 Watts if needed so if you have multiple items to charge up, not a problem.

Speaking of which, what can you charge with this? There are 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-A fast charge port, a USB-C port, European style 2-pin sockets and of course, standard UK sockets. Meaning most things you are likely to bring with you can charge from this whether it be a drone, small fridge or your kettle for that essential coffee in the morning! It certainly seems to have the edge on most of it’s competitors with this diversity.

And of course, everything has an app these days! Although this one does seem to have some teething problems with connectivity to the River, it boasts that you can check how much solar power you’re drawing, turn off AC outlets to conserve battery, or ramp up the recharging speed if needed. RRP £379

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Relatively light for what it is at 5Kg, this is a versatile (if pricey) bit of kit.
  • Versatile
  • Short charging time from the mains
  • International charging sockets for travel beyond the UK
  • Relatively light
  • Not much it can’t charge!
  • Pricey
  • Solar power charging is an expensive, additional outlay