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Some of the best adventures are to be had outdoors in the winter, it is a beautiful time of year, however our warm-blooded bodies are not fans of the cold, there are loads of different heated clothing out there to tackle this but they often come with bulky batteries packs that need constant recharging and high price tags.

The Exotogg stands out from the crowd by ditching the cables and using the power of your lungs to keep you warm, you will never run out of power or be restricted by time. Feathers and fur work as effective insulators by trapping air and the Exotogg works in the same way, it has a tabard style cut, that slips over your head and comes with Velcro straps that need to be cut to size for your perfect fit. It has an undeniable plasticky texture, it’s not unpleasant but does carry a slightly synthetic odour, on the plus side it is very light (260g), highly flexible and is made from a tough recyclable TPU.

All it takes to inflate the Exotogg is three puffs into the mouthpiece, this is enough for it to retain your body heat, if you get too warm you don’t even have to remove it, simply let the air out, this makes it an ideal mid-layer. Unlike down insulated clothing the Exotoggs performance isn’t compromised if it gets wet and its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties means it will remain fresh. This is important as the TPU material isn’t very breathable, thankfully it is machine washable if things do get a bit sweaty, it’s still better then being cold, plus it helps to keep out the wind chill. This body warmer comes with a little stuff-bag for storage, its packs down into a convenient compact little piece that can be tucked away in your bag without adding any noticeable weight. The Exotogg is good for a whole range of activities from winter sports, motorcycling and camping to watching your kids play footy at the weekend, Exotogg even have some handy suggestions for when you’re not wearing the body warmer including using it as a pillow, a dog cosy and perhaps most importantly a wine-bottle protector.

Enjoy using your Exotogg guilt-free; no animals were harmed, and no animal products were used in the manufacture of this product. It doesn’t shed microfibers, no toxic solvents were used during manufacture, and it is fully recyclable. RRP £97

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A handy mid layer that’s only a few breaths away from keeping you warm.
  • Three puffs to inflate
  • Very warm
  • Battery and cable free
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Flexible
  • Machine washable
  • Versatile
  • Not breathable