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Heatsbox Go 4.5
I have spent many years (much like many of you I reckon) working in offices. And one of the most contested and frustrating aspects of office life is lunchbreaks. Not just dealing with that person who is never flexible when it comes to when they take their lunch – leading everyone else to work around them no matter how inconvenient it is (you know who you are…) – but, more specifically, the queue for the flaming microwave! By the time everyone in front of you has done their heating-up (and it’s always that person that brought a meal that takes at least 7-8 minutes to warm up with them isn’t it?) and you’ve done your own, you’ve barely got time left to actually eat, leading to a hurried scoffing that burns your mouth and takes away any enjoyment you potentially had for the meal you painstakingly put together the previous evening. I’m not bitter, I like home-made salads, prefer them anyway…

Here’s the solution! The Heatsbox Go is your personal heating tool for your lunchtime meals. It’s a 1Kg insulated box that heats whatever is in it up to a temperature of 85° in about 15-25 minutes. So, you can set it going before your lunchbreak begins and your chosen meal is heated and ready to eat as soon as your lunchbreak begins. Plus, if you like, you get added smugness watching your co-workers battle over the microwave thrown in for added measure! The stainless steel internal tray (with a leakproof lid) has a capacity of 925ml which is plenty big enough for most one person meals and the actual box is only 8¾” x 6½” and just under 4” deep, making it easily transportable as it can slip in to most bags comfortably. It charges via a USB-C cable and is good for a couple of heating sessions before it needs recharging.

There is an app that allows you to control the heating temperature and that also includes a timer. The box has Bluetooth 5.0 so you can connect with most Bluetooth enabled phones (who doesn’t have one of those these days?) giving you complete control over when your food is ready. Now all you have to do is battle with that inflexible co-worker as to when you actually get to enjoy it… RRP £135

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