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Isabella Power Socket 4

Love me a bit of camping gear! And when it comes to camping, convenience is key. This power socket is basically an extension lead for you to be able to plug electrical things in to. You’ll still need a power source to plug this in to itself so that you can actually use it (plan ahead – the cable is only 1.8 metres long) so don’t go thinking this is some kind of power-bank, it’s not. But it is pretty handy when space is a premium.

The unit itself comes with two standard 3-pin sockets and 2 USB 2.1 portals. A little disappointing that they’re not USB 3.0 as most USB ports are these days (USB 3.0 is about 10 times faster than USB 2.1 at doing what it needs to do) but maybe it’s not a bad thing? You’re out camping, no major rush, just soak in the weather and chill at your campsite. Also means you won’t be draining your power source so quickly so maybe I’m under-estimating the fact it’s not a 3.0, I just get impatient!

The Isabella Power Socket works best when combined with the Isabella double or single cupboards. They both have a hole especially included to allow you to easily attach the power socket just as if it’s a tower in your home kitchen! So you can pop it back down and click it in place when not in use. Must admit, rule of cool works for me here, and I can imagine I’ll just be popping this thing up and down with a little giggle on my lips all the time. Now, if I’m willing to do that, you can guarantee any children you’ve got will be doing the same so you have been warned! Maybe something heavy over the top of it when not in use is a good idea. RRP £64

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If you have the Isabella cupboards already, hard to see why you wouldn’t get one. Otherwise, it may not be as useful as hoped.
  • Keeps things nice and tidy wherever you want to charge your gear
  • Out of the way when not in use when used with either cupboard from the Isabella range
  • Pops up! And down! I’m easily pleased…
  • USB ports
  • Flex could have done with being longer
  • Only really reaches its full potential when combined with the Isabella Cupboards – less useful if purchased on its own.