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I’m not going to lie the first impression of these shorts was what on earth? The massive zip and red pull cord look more than a little daunting, however, there is some serious thought put into these crotchless shorts and it has nothing to do with Ann Summers. If you have ever been caught short during a long run or walk you will know of the discomfort a fresh breeze around your nether regions brings, not to mention the fear that some dog walker might spot your mooning backside from behind the bushes.

Well the Kimbos shorts have been designed just for situations like this, allowing you to answer when nature calls without baring all to the world. These shorts come in two colours, Black or Olive Green and in sizes XS up to XXL, with a stretchy fit these unisex shorts will accommodate all shapes and sizes. They are made from a durable material that has been proven to last over thousands of hours of strenuous outdoor use, with a form fitting design they are suitable for hiking, jogging and long walks or any other outside activities. The High poundage spandex/lycra material is even suitable for water making them suitable for kayaking or triathlons for example, the material dries out quickly and doesn’t chafe whilst the 4 -way stretch allows for complete freedom of moment, even in the all-important squat position. At the bottom of each leg opening is an elastic gripper to stop them riding up, the waist isn’t adjustable and could benefit from a draw cord for a precise fit.

The zip runs all the way from the front to the back delivering a large opening, the zip is nylon coil with no teeth (I mean that doesn’t bare thinking about), when it’s closed there is a zip guard that runs the length zip. There is a handy red pull cord (can be removed for discretion if needed) this allows the shorts to be opened with one hand, there are Velcro patches at the front, back and on the side of the shorts so it can be attached out of the way and where you can always find it, without even looking. These shorts work best without wearing underwear but it comes down to personal preference, with a bit of adjusting underwear could be manoeuvred out of the way if needed. These unusual exercise shorts might have tapped into something rather genius, eliminating one of the pesky inconveniences of loving the outdoors lifestyle. RRP $50.00

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These won’t be for everyone but for some they will be an absolute game changer.
  • Comfortable
  • Legs don’t ride up
  • Suitable for water activities
  • Fast drying
  • One handed opening
  • Velcro cord pull station
  • Pocket
  • Not wearing undies can feel strange at first
  • No drawstring at the waist