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Klattermusen Skjold Everyday Pants Klattermusen Skjold Everyday Pants
Klattermusen Skjold Everyday Pants 4

Before the “fnarr, fnarr, snicker!” brigade start, these are not underwear ‘pants’ that you can wear every day but are named pants in the American style meaning what we refer to as trousers. Now we have that cleared up, let’s take a look at this offering of ‘Mens Pants, Off The Mountain®’ from Klattermusen shall we? No snickering!

These trousers are designed for summer time use and are relatively light and loose-fitting as a result. They are made from organic cotton with elastane and have an adjustable elastic waist to ensure a decent fit. The loose fit around your legs helps to increase air-flow, keeping you cool on those hot summer days you’ll likely enjoy while out galavanting around the countryside (or just plain old vanting, no need to rush…) and multiple pockets allow you to keep all-sorts of handy bits and pieces to aid in your adventures. Two roomy, zipped thigh pockets, 2 reinforced hip pockets (the amount of these I’ve worn holes in with my keys is ridiculous so this is a welcome addition for me!) and 2 slanted pockets on the back provide all you’re likely to need for transporting bits and pieces.

They can withstand a fair amount of wind but, once it starts picking up, you’re going to really feel it so probably not good to wear them if you’re planning on going higher up or on a particularly windy day. From a practical point of view, they are machine-washable at 40° and come in a variety of colour choices. Klattermusen take great pride in making sure that their garments are designed with maximum sustainability in mind and have done so since their inception in 1975, nearly 50 years ago, way before most others had even acknowledged there was a problem. You can’t ask for a much better pedigree than that so you can purchase these safe in the knowledge that your impact for doing so is minimal. RRP £229

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Ignore the fact that these are ‘Mens Pants, Off The Mountain®’ (!) and they’re actually a really good pair of trousers, great at what they are designed for and environmentally sound.
  • Sustainable clothing
  • Lots of pockets!
  • Comfortable
  • Choice of colours
  • Quite pricey – I would like to see what they’re like after a years-worth of wearing and washes to see if they’re really worth it.