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LED Lenser MH8 LED Head Torch LED Lenser MH8 LED Head Torch
LED Lenser MH8 LED Head Torch 4.5

The head torch is an underrated piece of equipment, lighting up the darkness directly in front of you, freeing up your hands and making you look like a competent outdoorsman even if you can’t peg in a tent.

The MH8 from LED Lenser is a highly comfortable head torch with two straps, one that wraps around the head and another the goes over the top of the head to keep it in place, the straps are very soft and feel gentle against the skin, ideal for long periods of wear. The back of the torch has foam padding which rests lightly on your forehead, it is slightly raised to allow for a small amount of airflow and reduces the amount of surface area that is in contact with the skin.

The MH8 has a convertible design which allows it to be easily used as a head torch, handheld torch or a body light for extra versatility, it offers a choice of energy saving and constant current modes so you can select the performance levels with a focus on run time or brightness. This torch can provide a maximum of 600 lumens with a run time of 20mins, the modes are Boost, Power (400 lumens for 7 hours and 180m beam length), Mid power, Low Power, with four coloured lights white, red, green and blue.

It has a max beam distance of 200m and a max burn time of 60hours before it needs recharging, the magnetic charging system is intuitive and takes 2 hours to recharge fully. The light can be rotated through 50° and focused into a distant spotlight or a near flood light with just a twist of the lens, the IP54 rating protects the torch against water splashing in any direction. There is a single button to toggle through the different light modes, it takes a little practise to remember which does what but we found we were using the Power mode and Low Power mode the most, the red light was also handy for reading.
The MH8 is a great little head torch, the comfortable and secure fit plus the wide range of light options and healthy battery life makes it ideal for outdoor adventures.

RRP £79.95

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A wonderfully comfortable head torch with a wide range of light modes.
  • 7 year warranty
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Up to 600 lumens
  • 7 light modes including 3 colours
  • Advanced Focusing System
  • Up to 200m beam range
  • IP54 rating
  • Toggling through lights takes practice