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LuminAid Packlite Max 2-in-1 LuminAid Packlite Max 2-in-1
LuminAid Packlite Max 2-in-1 4.5

It’s coming up to camping season! And I love it when that happens because you get little things like this turn up! With more and more people becoming aware and worried about our energy use and how this impacts the environment, the demand for greener energy is growing and solar energy is seeing the benefit of increased funding and better technology. A lamp that doubles as a phone charger is one of the results of this: genius!

Now, my first thought was that, given how small this is, how practical would it realistically be? Well, it can chuck out light of up to 150 lumens at the highest setting, which is about as good as a half-decent torch so that’s a start and, if you use the low-light setting, it can last for up to 50 hours, which isn’t too bad either and perfect in an enclosed space such as a tent. And, of course, it charges via the solar panel so if the sun is shining, you’re all good although it can take 12-14 hours to fully charge via the solar panel. There is a USB cable included so you can still charge from another power source if need be. Another great feature of this device is the fact that it squashes up in to a flat little square 6×6 inches and only weighs 8 ½ ounces. Strap it to your backpack and let it charge while you’re travelling!

On the downside, this version is a little light on the phone charging and if you have a phone with a larger battery such as an iPhone 7+ or a Galaxy S8 you could find it doesn’t do quite as well as you may hope but it’s probably good to give you that little boost you may need, if not fully charge your phone. RRP £41

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Camping season is just round the corner
  • Very light
  • Compact
  • Good light source
  • Practical
  • Stows away nicely
  • Re-charge on the go!
  • Can’t charge a larger battery phone to full capacity
  • If you’re on a long trek and the sun ain’t shining…