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MecArmy PT10 Torch MecArmy PT10 Torch
MecArmy PT10 Torch 3

MecArmy specialise in producing military, outdoor and EDC gear, the PT range of torches have been designed to be compact, with high lumen output and a USB charging interface and the PT10 is their smallest light measuring at 7.7 x 2.8 cm and weighs just 57g.

This neat little flashlight can be easily stored in a trouser pocket, jacket, handbag or car glove box, do not let the size deceive you however as it can produce a maximum output of 800 lumen in its brightest setting. The PT10 has five different brightness settings that can be toggled through by holding the on/off switch, choose between Turbo, High, Medium, Low and Strobe, as well as an SOS mode, it moves through the choices at quite a slow pace but it does mean you are unlikely to skip past the level you want.

The rechargeable 10440 lithium ion battery can last up to 17hours on the Low setting and 18minutes on Turbo, there is a handy charging indicator to let you know when charging is complete, it will reach full capacity after 90 minutes. This torch is charged via the Micro USB port which makes it convenient for charging on the go via a power bank or the cars cigarette lighter. The base of the torch has been designed to stand on its end and there is a small hole where a keyring, strap or lanyard can be attached.

The main body is made from a tough but lightweight Aluminium Alloy with a pineapple texture on the handle for a better grip, the IPX8 rating means it is protected from rain. The PT10 uses three CREE XP-G2 LED’s that have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and can produce a maximum beam distance of 126 meters and a 4013cd beam intensity. The Turbo mode can be activated by pressing and holding the on/off switch without turning the torch on completely which is useful for quickly locating the zip on your tent for example. One thing we noticed during our tests was the torch head got very warm rather quickly when used on its highest setting, even though there is a temperature monitoring system it is something to be aware of before stowing it in your pocket or handing it to a child.

The PT10 is a helpful little torch perhaps best suited for short uses on the high setting due to the temperature, we would keep it in the car for emergencies as it is so easy to charge inside the vehicle. RRP £53.90

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A super compact and bright torch, handy for emergencies.
  • Compact and light
  • Drop proof
  • IPX8
  • Four operating modes plus SOS
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Gets very warm
  • Might be too small for larger hands