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The thing with metal detecting is that you’re normally restricted to dry land and decent weather conditions. Not that most people would complain about that, it’s a hobby and surely you want to enjoy it without worrying about inclement weather or lugging your all-weather clothing around with you everywhere? Well, as with all hobbies, there’s always those that want to take things to the next level and this is where a Detector like the Xterra Pro comes in.

Firstly, this machine is IP68 rated, meaning it’s completely waterproof up to a depth of 5 metres. If you’re prepared to go all out and detect underwater, this thing has you covered, opening up all sorts of detection opportunities from keys dropped in a pond to areas that were previously dry land in ancient times. If you’re wondering about hearing notifications when underwater you can connect your headset wirelessly with a good low-latency connection so you don’t miss anything and the handle vibrates also, giving you a further physical sign that you may have got something. It weighs 1.3Kg’s so is easy on the arm (even easier underwater!) and it packs down to just 25 inches long so it’s fairly easy to transport.

You have 3 searching modes (park, field and beach) and up to 6 custom search profiles so you can take advantage of the sensitivity and threshold settings to search for specific material in specific areas. You get the fairly standard TID range of -19 to 99 (-19 to 0 being the ferrous settings) and it also comes with noise cancelling settings so that you can focus on the auditory cues, making sure you don’t miss a thing. To top it all off, you have 5 levels of depth indicator giving you a good idea of how far down you have to dig to get to your potential treasure. RRP £299

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