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Nextorch iStar Natural Light Flip-switch Headlight Nextorch iStar Natural Light Flip-switch Headlight
Nextorch iStar Natural Light Flip-switch Headlight 4

Next up we have the iStar Natural Light Flip-switch Headlight, I’m going to give you warning straight away as I read it too late on the website, DO NOT OPEN THE FLIP SWITCH TOWARDS YOUR EYES! Guess what I did as soon as I opened it?
Once I got my vision back, I could give the iStar a proper look over. This compact headtorch has a smooth rounded profile that measures up at 67 × 39 × 32 mm and weighs just 70g, it is fitted onto a headband made of underwear elastic material, it is super stretchy and feels comfortable against the skin. Saying that there is no strap that runs across the top of the head or silicone grip under the headband which would help keep the band in place without relying on the tightness alone. There is also a lack of padding on the back of the torch which means it can get a little uncomfortable after extended periods of wear. This headlight has a one-meter impact resistance and an IPX4 water resistance rating, this means it is resistant to water splashes from any direction and can handle light to medium rain showers.

The built in rechargeable 1100 mAh Li – ion battery comes with a standard Type-C charging port that fully charges in about 1.5 hours, there is a clear, four-stage battery indicator showing the remaining battery. The main light uses multiple high-quality SunLike LEDs that brings a natural and realistic lighting experience that won’t blind the people you are around, it is blue-light-hazard free that won’t damage the eyes when looked directly into for a long time (although it is not recommend). The single button allows for easy switching between modes: Spotlight, Floodlight and Red Light (Constant-on & Flash), the light output range is from 20 lumens up to 450 lumens with the battery lasting between 2.5hours and 25hours depending on the mode selected and it has a max beam distance of 80m. Tucked under the main light is a secondary light that will automatically turn on when the cover is flipped up, no buttons required, this spotlight can be angled from 90 degrees to 160 degrees. The brightness is adjusted automatically from 20 to 450 lumens, the larger the angle, the brighter the light, its stable enough to withstand movements, bumps and rough weather conditions. The lack of padding on the iStar means it probably isn’t the best choice all night wear, but it is certainly handy for camping, dog walks at night and working in low light, this cheeky flip light is great for checking instructions, maps or reading on the fly. RRP $45.00

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Flip the torch to reveal a spotlight with automatic brightness adjustment.
  • Sunlight LED for a clearer and realistic vision
  • Flip spot light that automatically adjusts brightness
  • Eye friendly and blue light free
  • 3 light modes including red
  • Long lasting built-in li-ion battery
  • Fast charging
  • No padding on the head torch
  • Lacks a strap over the top of the head