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Nextorch TA30C Nextorch TA30C
Nextorch TA30C 4.5

Torches are useful for lighting things up, that’s a given and I’m not going to win any awards pointing out the obvious! But, it’s the application of how you use this light that matters and this is where this particular torch comes in quite handy. Designed mainly for people that work in the security industry, it’s actually a pretty good non-violent self-defence device.

Besides the obvious of being able to blind people, the strobe effect that is built in with this one does more than just that, it disorientates them too as the brain just can’t adapt quickly enough to the multiple images it is receiving. Even better, it’s very hard for them to see where you are moving when the strobe is on, allowing you to back off and make your getaway without them realising you’re doing exactly that. Best way to avoid getting hurt is to simply not allow them to make physical contact and run away and this torch means they’re not likely to follow you either.

Of course, it’s not just for self-defence but has 3 light settings other than strobe with the maximum output set at 1600 lumens and the minimum being 20 lumens. Changing settings is a simple matter of turning the dial situated around the power switch. The strobe activation is pretty straight-forward with a hard press on the power button situated on the end of the torch to get it going, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with the dial if you need it in an emergency situation. It also has a range of 300 metres so will hopefully alert anyone else nearby that something may not be quite right. It’s made with the usual ruggedness Nextorch employ and you have the choice of using regular double A batteries or a rechargeable one. RRP: $115

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Probably a better deterrent than a loud alarm and comes with a belt clip for easy access it can also be used as a regular torch. A good way to stay safe on the streets at night.
  • Easy to use with the strobe function being a one-press application
  • Lightweight
  • Can also double as a hammer in emergencies with a strike bezel, handy for breaking glass if needed
  • IPX8 resistant (submersible up to a depth of 2 metres)
  • No charging port on the torch itself.
  • Changing the dial is not easy with one hand