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NGT Double Grill Pan Non Stick NGT Double Grill Pan Non Stick
NGT Double Grill Pan Non Stick 5

As any of you that have read some of my reviews before know, I do like a little bit of camping every now and then. One of the things that I do miss when camping however, is my oven. It’s not something you can happily sling in the car with your tent, rucksacks etc and connect up to the mains when you get there really (not to mention trying to find natural gas pockets for the hob…) is it?

Well, my culinary skills can now find themselves a decent outlet when camping! This Double Grill pan is fantastic! Firstly, it’s non-stick (rookie mistake – using abrasive pads when washing up, don’t!) which just makes life easier really. But please! DO. NOT. use metal utensils, keep it silicon, plastic or wood, you’ll thank me. Secondly, the silicon seal between the two pans basically turns this in to a mini-oven with quite a good seal keeping the heat in. As a result, things like curries, chilli’s even stews at a stretch can now be added to the camping food repertoire.

The pans are sealed together by magnets in the handles and a slide-in hinge at the back and a tiny little clip for when it’s not in use. This can be easily lost, although it’s not essential if you do lose it so don’t panic. A word of warning, it can get top-heavy if you open it all the way so bear that in mind, you don’t want to lose your dinner before you’ve even tasted it! And, of course, the two pans separate so you have two pans for more conventional camp cooking. One is griddled, the other is flatter – bacon and eggs anyone?

All this for the kind of price I’d be happy to pay for a decent frying pan, what’s not to like? RRP £26.95

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This is an awesome product that looks great is easy to use
  • Non-stick
  • Portable min-oven
  • Two pans!
  • Affordable
  • Easy to lose the clip
  • Can easily unbalance when open