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NightSearcher Galaxy Pro 6K NightSearcher Galaxy Pro 6K
NightSearcher Galaxy Pro 6K 4.5

The brand-new Galaxy Pro 6K from NightSearcher is an upgraded version of the original Galaxy Pro, as the names suggests this powerful light can kick out up to 6000 lumens of light with a whopping 60m beam distance. The professional grade lighting arrives in a highly compact and portable body weighing 1.52kg and measuring at 310 x 350 x 285mm, it comes with an AC Mains Charger (Optional Vehicle Charger also available), the light can be used when plugged in but only on the low light level 1500 lumens (indoor use only) whilst the internal rechargeable battery will deliver up to 60hours wireless lighting depending on the brightness setting. The mains charger can be stored inside a small compartment at the back of the light ensuring it’s always close to hand when needed. There are four light levels to choose from High, Medium, Low and Dimmable, the High setting produces 6000 lumens and will last for 2.25hrs, the Medium works at 3000 lumens for 4 hours, the low at 1500 lumens for 8 hours whilst the dimmable setting slowly dims the light until you reach the right level, dropping all the way down to just 250 lumens for a max of 60 hours.

There is a battery life indicator at the rear of the light next to the light level setting which will change from green (fully charged), to flashing amber (running low) to red (needs charging), the battery takes about 8hours to receive a full charge and the indicator light will turn green again to let you know when this is accomplished. The adjustable head can be tilted up to 120 degrees, until it is pointing directly upright, this position also makes it even more compact for travelling. The feet feature high vis reflective detailing for better visibility when it is switched off, the robust housing is made from the toughest composite materials, suitable for worksites, it has been drop tested from 2.5m and has an IP54 waterproof rating. This powerful and functional rechargeable light meets professional grade quality, perfect for flooding a worksite with wireless light for hours at a time. RRP £167.95

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The brand new and powerful work light will last for up to 60hours from a single charge.
  • 6000 lumens light output
  • 60m beam
  • Four light levels
  • 2.5-60 hrs runtime
  • Robust housing
  • Lightweight
  • IP54 waterproof and drop tested from 2.5m
  • Battery status indication
  • Only works on Low setting when plugged in
  • 8 hours charge time