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Olight Warrior Mini Olight Warrior Mini
Olight Warrior Mini 4.5

The Olight Warrior Mini is a small but mighty torch and EDC (everyday carry), part of the Warrior series it features the familiar toughness of this range but in an ultra-light and compact package at 4.19L x 0.91W inches and 3.70oz in weight.

It is available in Olights distinctive black and blue design as well as desert tan option and red for a little more money. It comes with an MCC3 Magnetic USB charging cable, two-way pocket clip, warrior card and lanyard, it is suitable for tactical equipment, search and rescue, law enforcement as well as being compact enough for anyone to store in their car or pocket. This little torch can kick out up to 1500 lumens with a 190m reach, there are six different settings to choose from with level 1 lasting 4 minutes with the rechargeable 3500mAh battery and level 5 offering the longest battery life with up to 45days with 1 lumen output. There is also a strobe function that can be activated to increase the visibility of the user in low lighting conditions.

There are two switches to operate the Mini, one at the end of the torch and the other on the neck, this means your fingers or thumbs will always find a button in a hurry. There is a three-colour indicator on the side switch which will provide feedback on the battery life, the body has a knurling design for a good grip, even with wet hands. Talking of the wet the Warrior Mini has a IPX8 rating, that combined with the strike bezel makes it tough enough to withstand both a 2-meter water immersion and 1.5-meter drop. The LED produces a balanced and soft beam that can handle both a tight focused hotspot as well as long and wide throw, it is a tough and high performing flashlight perfect for tactical and everyday use. RRP £79.95

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This small but might torch lives up to its name, a warrior against darkness.
  • Compact
  • Tough
  • Waterproof
  • Up to 1500 lumens
  • 6 modes including strobe
  • Up to 45day battery life
  • Magnetical USB charger (suitable for battery packs)
  • Up to 190m throw
  • Dual switches
  • Special battery means you cannot use single use in emergencies