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Ruffwear Approach Pack Ruffwear Approach Pack
Ruffwear Approach Pack 4.5

Ok so this is easily one of the cutest things we have ever reviewed, Ruffwear avoid naff fancy dress clothing for dogs but instead make practical and protective wear to help your doggo join you on great outdoor adventures.

Ruffwear was founded by Patrick Kruse, who loved exploring the outdoors and was always searching for ways to include his canine sidekicks in all of his adventures. This led to the creation of this performance dog gear company. Originally launched from his garage, Ruffwear is now available across the globe and continue to focus on their core passions, enhancing and inspiring outdoor exploration for man’s best companion. This sweet doggy pack comes in Orange Poppy or Meadow Green, both bright and easy to spot colours, it comes in sizes xsmall, Small, Medium, Large/XLarge. This pack has been designed to be used for a full days hiking, there is a handy size guide on the website to walk you through getting the right fit for you pooch. It is recommended that your dog never carries more than 25% of its body weight in its dog pack and if your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load so your dog gets used to wearing the pack. Built to be a high performing and functional pack this allows your dog to carry equipment comfortably whilst allowing for natural four-legged movement, letting them walk, run and explore as they would normally.

The pack uses an integrated harness fit for better stability and balance, the radial cut, weight-forward saddlebags create a passive compression system that forms an ergonomic fit and better load carrying. The lightweight materials used don’t add unnecessary bulk for your pup with the Medium just 1.15 lb, whilst the 14.5 L provides plenty of space for your dog’s trail necessities, including doggy bags, snacks, an expandable drinking bowl, even a toy or two. As well as the two main pockets there are two stash pockets and external gear loops, a paddle handle sits at the top and non-slip girth straps lets you take control of your dog and give them a helping lift if needed. The five-point harness can be adjusted for a precise fit, there is a two points of leash connection, single-piece, anodized aluminium V-ring and webbing loop and a harness suspension system for added comfort. The pack is finished off with a reflective trim and light loop to make sure you can keep an eye on your dog in low light and confuse other walkers who see the light trotting along the ground. RRP £99.95

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An adorable and practical approach pack for your four-legged friend to accompany you on your outdoor adventures.
  • Durable materials
  • 5-point adjustable harness
  • Trail ready stash pockets and gear loops
  • Reflective detailing and light loop
  • Padded handle and non-slip girth straps
  • Radial cut, weight-forward saddlebag
  • Two points of leash connection
  • Expensive