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Ruffwear Hemp Hound Sweater Ruffwear Hemp Hound Sweater
Ruffwear Hemp Hound Sweater 5

Even our pets are starting to feel the cold right about now with their lovely natural fur coats probably not able to keep as much of the colder weather out as they would like, especially for those smaller breeds of dog. But those cute little critters generally don’t know when to give up and go indoors, always eager to stay out and play one more game of ‘fetch’, even if it is chucking it down with rain… So why not give them a little helping hand with this equally cute hemp/cotton sweater?

This is Ruffwear’s first product to include hemp that I am aware of and I’m glad they have decided to go for the sustainable element here. The mix of materials is about 55% Hemp and 45% cotton, making this dog sweater more sustainable than something made from pure Cotton (estimates suggest at least 4 times more water is used to process and farm cotton than hemp). The natural odour-resistance and breathability of hemp generally helps to make sure this sweater doesn’t end up being too uncomfortable for your four-legged friend also, taking advantage of hemp’s natural properties.

Obviously, coming from Ruffwear, it is reassuringly rugged, hard-wearing and well made, hardly a surprise there! But they have also concentrated on making this sweater suitable for hard-to-fit dogs such as those with broad shoulders or thick chests/necks. They’ve done this by having open cap sleeves on the leg-holes to minimise chafing and increase comfort and a full-length zipper that, when combined with the sleeves makes it surprisingly flexible when fitting it to your dog. The sweater is available in three colours, slate blue, heliotrope purple and fired brick.

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A typically well-made Ruffwear product ideal for keeping your favourite canine warm in the chilly weather.
  • Well made
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Suit any dog type