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Ruffwear Palisades Multi-day Dog Pack Ruffwear Palisades Multi-day Dog Pack
Ruffwear Palisades Multi-day Dog Pack 5

The Palisades has been a staple in the Ruffwear catalogue for a while now. This season, they’ve made a few changes based on customer feedback. For starters, the chassis is now perforated and foam-based, making it more breathable and comfortable for your dog to use. They’ve also updated their wonderfully named ‘flopper-stopper’ system to make sure the pack stays even more securely placed on your dog. Good improvements but what about those of you that don’t own one yet – what else does this pack have going for it?

Well, the saddlebags themselves are detachable, meaning once you reach your destination you can just remove them, allowing your dog to have a run-around without worrying about taking the harness off straight-away. It’s been designed with a cross-load compression system so the weight is more evenly distributed, although making sure you even out the weight in the bags is not a bad thing – don’t rely on the harness to do all the work for your dog! It’s also designed to be super adjustable with 5 separate points where you can adjust the pack to fit. Combined with the size guide on the website, your dog should be comfortable from the start! Speaking of which, please make sure you don’t make your dog carry over the recommended 25% of their own body weight and if they’re new to packs, introduce them to it slowly so they get used to it before hitting that 25%.

One more thing – it comes with 2 collapsible water bottles, each able to hold 1 litre! I may sound a little excited about this but when you can’t find something that fits with all the other things you need for excursions it’s frustrating! These fit the bill nicely and also mean I don’t have to use those horrid one-use plastic bottles. Win-win! RRP £189.95

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One of the best just got better.
  • Two leash Attachment points
  • Padded handle for easier lifting
  • Multiple pockets
  • Well-made
  • Customisable fit
  • Only one colour.