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The T3R from Speras claims to be an innovative noiseless “thrower”, this means the beam has been designed to reach as far into the distance as possible and has a focused, hot spot of light in the centre of the beam profile.

The T3R is compact and lightweight at just 175.7mm(L) x 63.6mm(head) x 26mm(tube) and 308g with the battery installed which is why it’s impressive that it has a top throw distance of 1,095m at 1,600 lumens. It comes with a USB C charging cable, an O-Ring, Lanyard, OTG connector and handy holster, this can be attached to a belt with the Velcro cover ensuring you can quickly access the torch with one hand in one swift motion. The rechargeable 5000mAh battery lasts up to 92hour when running on ECO mode, the torch is compatible with fast charging which will give you a full charge in just 3.7hours, it can also be used with a battery pack making it perfect for long sessions away from home. There are six modes to play with High (1600L/2.1hours), Medium (600L/3.75hours), Low (120L/17.5hours), Eco (20L/92hours), Strobe (1600L) and SOS (120L).

There are two Noiseless Switches, the Multifunctional tail button and a side button to change brightness levels. The switches aren’t entirely noiseless but are very quiet, making it suitable for hunting, it can also be mounted onto a rifle if necessary thanks to its light weight and there is also an optional remote pressure switch if needed. The memory mode function can be activated and de-activated, once activated the flashlight will return to last used setting when switched on with the Tail Button otherwise it will automatically turn on to HIGH mode. The over discharge protection will automatically reduce the brightness when the battery is low in order to prevent the battery from over discharging. The aerospace aluminium body is also highly protective with a hard anodized anti-abrasive finish for extreme durability and an IPX8 rating, this is one tough cookie, more than adept at taking on the great outdoors. RRP £126

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This torch is ideal for long adventures outside with a good throw distance, long battery life and durable construction.
  • Big throw output
  • Durable body
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Memory mode
  • Pricey