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Staresso Manual Coffee grinder ‘Discovery’ Staresso Manual Coffee grinder ‘Discovery’
Staresso Manual Coffee grinder ‘Discovery’ 4.5

For coffee lovers it’s all about finding that right brew and the coarseness of your bean grind can have a lot of influence over how your coffee turns out. Manual grinders can be a little too fiddly in this respect with many of them having literally hundreds of settings, making it hard to adjust with any conviction and you losing out on consistency. The Discovery grinder straight away put my mind at rest with that one with 12 numbered levels of grind on an easily adjustable dial so you can find whichever suits your type of coffee best and, crucially, keep it the same!

The grinding mechanism itself is made from stainless steel as is the body of the grinder with absolutely zero plastic components with the crank made from the same stainless steel as the rest of it and the pommel being made from walnut. Internally, there is a micromesh that helps to separate the finest powder from the rest of the coffee, increasing that level of consistency and the conical burr design ensures everything gets ground at the same size.

The grinder works smoothly and I found very little resistance as I’ve experienced with some cheaper grinders – a testament to the internal workmanship. It holds a maximum of 20 grams worth of beans which gives you enough for 2 decent sized servings of coffee, perfect for you and your partner in the morning or, if you’re like me, having a 2nd cup all to yourself!

It comes with a carry case which is only really suitable for preventing wear and tear (it’s no good for carrying externally if you’re camping for example) and keeping the crank in the same place (has its own little pocket!) so you don’t lose it. Finally, you get some brushes with it, perfect for cleaning the grinder once done. RRP £97

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A good mid-range grinder that delivers a consistent grind, light enough to take on your travels. Would work well with the Staresso Mini reviewed elsewhere in this issue.
  • Consistent grinds
  • Light at just over 500 g’s
  • Anti-slip design on the casing
  • Steel burrs rather than ceramic for a smoother grind
  • The fines basket doesn’t quite sit flush in the container so you sometimes get fines sitting in the gaps.