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Thetford Porta Potti 565E Thetford Porta Potti 565E
Thetford Porta Potti 565E 4.5

This year has been like no other, in spring we assumed we wouldn’t be able to get away at all this year so when our favourite camp site opened up again, we were elated to be able to have a little get away.

However, one of the conditions of the site reopening was that campers had to bring their own toilets, this was something none of us were looking forward to but understood why it was necessary. We decided to take along the Porta Potti 565E, if you have to use a portable loo you might as well choose the classiest version out there from a familiar brand. The toilet comes fully assembled, there are only a few caps to fit on and the six included AA batteries just need to be fitted into the flush compartment. It measures up at 448h x 388w x 450d mm, it took up a bit of space in the car boot but was still more compact than we expected. We picked up some chemicals on route to the site and followed the instructions to set it up, it wasn’t complicated and was ready in a few minutes. There was a handy little pop out compartment for the loo roll so you never have to hunt around in the dark for it or risk it getting damp on the tent floor. This loo features a lift up seat just like you would find at home and a lid that clicks into place to prevent it opening during transit.

There is also a lid that covers the flush, the flush tank cap for protection when moving as well as the secure seal that locks the waste tank. Using the 565E is similar to using a toilet at home, the height and seat makes it comfortable to use and with a push of a button the toilet discretely flushes. The flush-water tank holds up to 15 L whilst the waste tank holds up to 21 L with a handy indicator to let you know when its time to empty it. Emptying the toilet is reasonably straightforward, there are strong handles provided on both tanks and the waste tank has a valve release and multidirectional pouring spout for effortless aiming. Emptying the flush tank fully before storing the toilet is a little trickier and it’s worth popping in a sponge to extract the last drops of water, you may find you need to get a little hands on with cleaning the waste tank properly before storage, it wasn’t too gruesome but it’s worth investing in some rubber gloves. During our weekend this toilet lived in the storage compartment of our tent, we didn’t get a single whiff from it the entire weekend, it took a beating from 40mph winds hitting the sides of the tent but remained stable throughout even when our tent pole snapped. After getting used to the idea of peeing with just a strip of canvas between me and my mates (note: turn off lantern once seated to avoid a graphic silhouette show) the 565E was a bit of a game changer, being able to nip to the loo during the night without getting soaked in the rain and wind felt like luxury. Even if it is safe to use the campsite toilets next year, we think we will be taking this bad boy along to use anyway. RRP £149.99

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It will be hard to find a more luxurious portable toilet.
  • Battery operated flush
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Comfortable to use
  • No bad smells
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Integrated toilet roll compartment
  • Compact
  • 21L capacity
  • Secure seal prevents spills
  • Flush tank is a little awkward to empty fully